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China Compressor Equipment On-line Marketplace Prime quality, Finest service,Cheap value. Shortly earlier than the end of the downward stroke of the spindle 9 the rotational speed of the pump 27 and hence the rotational speed of the flywheel 17 and the spindle 9 are lowered to zero during the remainder of the stroke of the spindle 9. When the rotational velocity is decreased the four-way valve forty one is displaced from the rest place to the suitable and the road 42a is connected to a second pressure-limiting valve forty three. The strain which can be regulated by the strain-limiting valve forty three limits, by way of the pressure-limiting valve 42, the stress present in the pipeline 31 to the braking stress required for braking the flywheel 17.

Appropriate for the hot forging of every kind of material, the friction screw presses are used for the manufacturing of full elements. You’re in the proper place for electrical screw press. In equipment industry, it can end┬áblanking, bending, correction, precision urgent and punching in forging process.

Background know-how prior electrical fly press is switched on when work repeatedly, and starting is frequent, and kurtosis typically appears in electrical load; Sprint current is large, and power factor is decrease, and it is comparatively extra serious that the motor feels hot; Temperature rise is very high, and energy loss is massive, thereby the motor of choosing to be used can also be very huge; In an effort to prevent that motor from burning out, also to use air blast within the cooling of ceaselessly ventilating of entire working time, complete energy of motor of installation is big; As a result of the required entire vitality of every run are all obtained by electrical community in moment, subsequently, very big to the electrical network affect, specification is massive extra, and can also be just huge extra to the influence of electrical addition, the driving requirement of incompatibility Massive Electrical fly press low-speed huge.

There are two main sorts of screw presses of this design. SD10-315 was the primary set Refractory Electric Program-managed Screw Press for Refractory business in China which was our company developped and produced, even the primary set on the earth. Power saving and environmental protection, the National Foundry and metalforming equipment quality supervision and inspection center, in contrast with the identical specifications of double disc friction press, power saving can attain greater than 48.5%.

Based on the electrical screw press, simply damaged components are small in number, and the failure charge is low; the motor works in a batch sort, and electrical energy will be saved by 50% when the refractory bricks are processed; personnel expenses are routinely controlled and saved, blowing precision is high, technological parameters of the bricks of the same batch are an identical, and the rate of completed products is excessive; and safety is good, multiple brakes are achieved, and the fact that the slide block can brake at any positions is assured.

For the working stroke and the return stroke of the spindle 9 the extent of pivoting is proscribed to a pivot angle which corresponds to the rotational velocity of the spindle desired in each case and which determines the delivery of the pump 27 at a continuing rotational velocity of the electrical motor 28. A piston-cylinder association, which is acted upon, by the use of the management 36, by a pump 39 driven by an electrical motor 38 in conjunction with a stress accumulator 40, acts because the actuating drive 37.

On this paper, a novel electrical screw press straight pushed by permanent magnet disc synchronous motor is introduced, Referring to the technical parameters from the J58K electrical screw press, the method which calculates the construction and electromagnetic parameters of the facility transmission is introduced.

Every circuit can have related to it its personal oil tank 32, or the circuits of one half of the press or all the circuits can have a standard oil tank 32. The platform 25 is formed as a trough 33 with inner aspect walls 33i, outer facet partitions 33a and the bottom 33b, the trough 33 supporting your entire oil hydraulic system and being adequately dimensioned to receive all the oil current in the oil circuit.